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Jul. 27th, 2017 10:34 am
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So the march had been a mess. As Cesare sat hidden, watching from his office and paying close attention to the news, it became pretty clear that nobody knew quite what they wanted. At least it seemed that nobody could quite agree.

For Cesare, that's actually pretty helpful. When anything is vague, that means that he gets to define it. With the attack on Newham and the wolves getting increasingly audacious, something needs to be done. Tensions are escalating and he doesn't want this to end badly. He schedules a press conference for the next week. It's time to make a political play.

As he makes his way to the press room he has a carefully crafted speech already prepared:

"This month the people of London expressed their feelings of concern regarding their city. They used their voices and I have heard them. Peace and unity are vital to the strength and security of this city and for too long we have allowed London to be ruled by violence and crime.

Politics is one thing. Violence is different. There is never an excuse for bloodshed and enough is enough. From now on, all crimes, whether used for political purposes or not, will be treated as the crimes that they are. If you commit a crime, no matter the reason, you will be prosecuted. If you are violent, you will be punished. This applies to all races, all factions, everyone.

It is time to be peaceful and united. Any of those who act against that can either leave or face punishment."

[OOC note: This will in no way stop territory claims. It's mainly empty talk, supporting laws that are already in place. While Cesare is attempting to discourage violence, any actual punishments for such behaviour will not be properly enforced. Keep on doing your thing. Cesare is just firmly taking a personal stance against crime and bloodshed.]

Hard knocks

Jul. 26th, 2017 10:38 pm
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It's official. She's failed out of uni. Lydia Bennet, the thick sister of the bunch. The useless one. The disappointment.

Well, her mum won't be disappointed, once Lydia tells her about Cesare. She will quite understand that Lydia spent the time she should have been studying for her exams in Cesare's hotel making him happy. When Lydia tells her. Right now, Lydia doesn't dare: her mum is the biggest gossip and it will take two minutes for word of her and Cesare will be everywhere.

Lydia heads for her favourite haunt, a cosy Starbucks close by. She fancies an extra large double shotted caramel macchiato. What she actually gets is a small tea. Because she's broke. She's failed and she's broke.

Why is life so hard?
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As with most things involving werewolves (or just Ghoul in general), it happens fast and without much warning. Tensions between wolves and vampires have been high lately- there have been a number of small spats throughout the month, but nothing particularly noteworthy or lasting happens.

The 25th seems to be a day like any other, until night falls. It starts small, with a handful of wolves deciding to strut their way around Newham like they own the place. The pack has been feeling stable and stronger lately, and the wolves themselves are ornery. Why not take back what's theirs?

Word spreads quickly, and by the 26th, the wolves have committed to a full-blown invasion. It's when the fighting begins in earnest, and each side takes turns rapidly gaining and losing ground. The standoff continues in to the 27th, with neither group able to make their claim stick. Newham is a lawless mess, unsafe for either faction as violence continues to escalate. No one seems to find surrendering an option. There's no telling how long this will last, or how much damage Newham will suffer for it.

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 07:00 pm
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Hey all, sorry I've been absent so much lately, RL has been hectic. Because of this, I'm going to need to take another hiatus until Aug 9th, when I get back from a weekend at the cottage and will (theoretically) be refreshed and ready to get Caroline back in the action.

To cover the hiatus, Caroline is going to fly back to Mystic Falls to see her friends and no doubt get involved in supernatural shenanigans because that's how Mystic Falls rolls.


Jul. 16th, 2017 10:10 pm
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☆○o。 RUMOURS MEME 。o○☆

Rumours are spreading around London. So open up your burn book because it's about to get shady over here.

• Post a top level with your character

• Reply with rumours

• Victory!

Hunting vampires

Jul. 16th, 2017 10:49 am
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Closed to Girl

As the moon grows to full so too does Johanna’s innate desire to hunt. Johanna though, is disciplined. She can control herself when not immediately threatened.

This time though, the change is different. It’s the first time Johanna has changed so fully – feeling so awake, alive. Every time previous, she’s been drugged to her eyeballs, purposely weakened with the concoctions pumped into her body. But now, her desire to hunt, to kill has become unquenchable.

When she turns, she begins her stalk. It begins with a human, but quite quickly, Johanna loses interest. Why would she kill a human, just for the hell of it? No, Johanna’s grudges are against those who hunt werewolves, and against the vampires, those stinking corpses that destroyed her pack. Even in wolf form, Johanna grins. Let’s chuck a firework into the bonfire. Let’s kill a vampire.

She slinks through the streets of London, small for a wolf, and mangy. Patches of her fur are missing and she’s thin. But her eyes are keen and her teeth are sharp.

She runs for Islington. And she doesn’t stop until she realizes she’s being followed.


When all is said and done, and Johanna regains her senses, she realizes that she’s screwed. She’s killed a fucking vampire. There’s a bounty on her head and, she is sure, several corpses quite willing to murder her.
And Johanna kind of loves it.
She’s not an idiot though. She’ll totally call Cesare and his gang out but she has no intention of dying at a vampire’s hand. The problem is though, she has no pack to fall back on. No one’s obliged to help her, and Johanna isn’t exactly the type to actually ask for it.

She moves from her usual camp in the woods of the country park to a derelict house. It’s damp and unfurnished but that doesn’t bother Johanna either. She sleeps with her back against the back door and her axe in her hand. She is so ready. If anyone tries to attack, heads will roll.
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