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Undergrounds application

Player information
Name: Sky
Contact: PM this journal
Are you 18 or over? Yes
Other characters played: Various NPCs

Character information
Name: Mogget
Age: Exact age unknown, but well over 2,000 years
Date of Birth: N/A, let's say 22nd September
Canon: Old Kingdom series
Species: Fae
Role: Familiar to the Mother of Witches, Circle Daybreak
Rank: 1
Background: Long ago, Mogget was one of the most powerful fae in the Unseelie Court. His true name is Yrael, and he is the Eighth of Nine Bright Shiners who each represented a source of raw magic. Yrael wandered the Other Realm and occasionally the mortal world as he pleased, never seeking out the highest rank in the Court but always valuing his own independence above all else.

Two thousand years ago, the Ninth and most powerful Bright Shiner, Orannis, wished to increase his power still further. His method of doing so was extreme: he attempted to obliterate the Other Realm altogether, which would have caused it to collapse into the mortal realm, ruining both worlds. Had he succeeded, Orannis would have absorbed the magic of all the fae that perished when the Other Realm was destroyed. He started killing fae and taking their power in preparation for the immense amount of magic that would be required for his plan to work.

When the other Bright Shiners realised what Orannis was doing, they knew that they would be his next targets. The Seven agreed to collectively stand against him and they asked Yrael to join them in the fight against Orannis. But Yrael refused. He had no desire to face Orannis, knowing that it would likely mean his end, so he ran away and hid in the mortal world.

The Seven defeated Orannis without Yrael, but they were unable to bind him in the Other Realm; his magic was too strong. They brought him to the mortal world instead where with the help of a group of witches they finally split Orannis in two and buried him underground. However, they weren't about to let Yrael off lightly for running away. He had to be punished.

So they caught Yrael and not only banished him from the Unseelie Court, but also handed him over to the witches who had helped to bind Orannis. The Seven freely gave over a portion of their diminished power to the witches in gratitude for their help. Yrael did not give away his power freely; it was taken from him. He was bound by magic and forced to become a servant of the witches, forever.

Since then, the world has changed significantly but Mogget's binding remains in force. He has been passed on from witch to witch, generation after generation. Over time, his powers in his bound form have generally declined and his memory of his life before becoming a familiar has also faded, though he will never forget how he got into this situation in the first place. He has spent a large portion of his career working with witches to maintain the balance in the supernatural world, in particular exorcising ghosts and fighting both vampires and fae. For a number of centuries, he served a line of witches who specialised in counter-necromancy and exorcism. These witches took on the title of "Abhorsen" and it was their job to protect the community from supernatural threats, especially of the dead variety.

Today he is a servant of Circle Daybreak, acting as the familiar to their highest ranking role: the Mother of Witches. His treatment has varied over the years; some of his witch masters have valued his help and advice and allowed him a little more freedom, while others have distrusted him and limited his powers even further.

For the past thirty years he has served Sylvia Redbright, but given her crusade against dark magic and unwillingness to allow witches to summon or use fae, she kept him hidden away. He barely left the house and spent much of his time asleep.

Now he has a new and very different master, Mogget will be able to get out into London again and play a more active role in furthering the interests of Circle Daybreak. At least it makes a change from being stuck in the house.

Personality: Always self-serving, Mogget doesn't really care about anybody else. He looks out for himself first and foremost and won't help others unless forced to or if there's something in it for him. In an ideal world, he'd leave others alone and they would leave him alone too. He'd be free to wander and enjoy the world without interference. In reality, this policy didn't work out too well for him. Once upon a time he was known as the Eighth Bright Shiner, a powerful Unseelie fae. Now he's a servant of the witches, bound by magical means.

Mogget is the kind of servant who helps because he must, but that doesn't mean he has to be enthusiastic about it. Or all that helpful, even. He's sarcastic, sly and frequently condescending. He's sharp-eyed and sharp-witted, quick to observe what other characters themselves may not realise. He likes to needle people. It's a source of amusement and one small way of levelling the playing field. His attitude tends to be long-suffering and he's prone to lecturing others at length, both traits inherited from long years of telling witches what they should already know. He seems to have a fondness for proclaiming doom and gloom. He's one of life's cynics.

Mogget may seem like a harmless if slightly grumpy cat. He loves fish, enjoys chasing mice and displays a lot of general cat-like behaviour. He's even affected by catnip. Mogget indulges these feline desires at whim. For example, he doesn't actually need to eat, he just likes to. But behind the fluffy exterior, his true self is always looking for an opportunity to escape.

It manifests itself in small ways at first. He has that tricky way about him common to many Unseelie fae where he likes to answer questions as vaguely as possible or twist his interpretation of an order to suit his own ends. Though his binding mostly keeps him on the straight and narrow, if he isn't given any orders for a long time he will start to find ways to resist. He may seem largely resigned to his situation, but the hope of regaining his freedom is always there. His masters are rightly wary of Mogget for that very reason. If freed, he would try to kill them. Centuries of imposed slavery have only increased Mogget's appetite for revenge. Unbound, he'll seek out anyone who commanded him in his bound form, torture them slowly, then kill them. Anyone he has ever had a grudge against won't be safe either, and Mogget has a long memory for grudges.

This specific desire for revenge aside, Mogget isn't really evil. His default setting is neutral. He might be malicious towards those he doesn't like, but it tends to be reactive rather than active. He doesn't go looking for trouble. He's not out to make enemies and his instinct is to run rather than fight. Anyway, he'd rather have a nap than waste his time making others miserable, though he's unlikely to waste his time being friendly either.

After all, there are better things for him to do. Mice to hunt, fish to eat. Despite the long years, increasing weariness, and general suspicion of everyone around him, it is possible to earn his respect. Respect his autonomy and Mogget will do likewise. It also helps if you feed him lots of fish.

Powers & Possessions: Mogget has two vastly different skill sets depending on his current state. As a familiar, he is bound to a limited number of shapes. In the books, he's shown taking the form of a cat and an albino dwarf-man. To help him get around in this game, he'll be able to take on a more ordinary-looking human form, as well as an albino crow. Being in animal form doesn't stop him from talking or even writing. He's pretty deft with his claws. He also doesn't need to eat, although that certainly won't stop him.

He has access to a very limited form of magic, which generally takes the form of white fire which he creates when slicing through objects with his claws. He can recognise any member of Circle Daybreak on sight, since his binding forces him to serve Circle Daybreak as a whole. He's highly attuned to magic which makes him great at sensing traps as well as seeing through many illusions. He also always knows when the Maiden, Mother or Crone retires and who will take their place. But the only thing keeping Mogget a servant is the collar he wears. If Mogget's collar is removed, his true form will be unleashed.

Yrael in his unbound form is in himself a source of magic. He radiates it; even being in his presence is like standing too close to a raging fire. He's both strong and durable. No physical attack can harm him. A weapon spelled by magic would be able to strike him, but would only slow him down. Only the most powerful magic can truly harm him; anything less would be absorbed.

Unbound, he can change shape, fly and use a highly destructive form of magic that corrodes and burns everything it touches. He can incinerate someone with a single touch. His favourite element is fire, which he can create and manipulate as he pleases. He can shroud an area in darkness, or shine brightly to light it up. He has telekinetic powers, allowing him to move or freeze things. He also sings in order to cast magic, and can bind or release other beings.

Obviously, the lesson here is not to remove Mogget's collar. But if you do happen to be so foolish, the collar has an inbuilt safety mechanism. Whenever Mogget serves a new witch, he coughs up a silver ring set with a ruby. This ring is the key to stopping his unbound form. In this way, it becomes safer for his master to unleash his true form in a time of dire need, knowing that he can be bound again.

Mogget comes with the following possessions: one red leather collar with silver bell, the thing that binds him. One ruby ring, which traps him again if he gets free. One copy of the Book of the Dead. And one set of Abhorsen's bells.

Samples: 1 and 2.

NB. Mogget is loyal to Circle Midnight rather than Circle Daybreak in these samples, but the same general principles apply.

World building
Locations: n/a
Items: Mogget's Collar
high leveldark spellbooks
A red leather collar set with a small silver bell. The bell is a miniature Saraneth (see below) and acts as a powerful binding spell, ensuring that Mogget remains a loyal servant as long as he wears it. The collar changes shape when Mogget does. For example, in human form it becomes either a red sash or a belt around his waist. Only members of Circle Daybreak can remove the collar. If anyone else tries, they will get a (literal) shock.

Ruby Ring
high leveldark spellbooks
A silver ring set with a ruby. Mogget coughs this up for his master to wear. The ring has no function until Mogget's collar is removed. When this happens, the ring will grow hot and expand so that it can be thrown over Mogget in his unbound form and, with the help of the bells (see below), bind him again.

The Book of the Dead
high leveldark spellbooks
A spellbook designed to teach you how to use Abhorsen's bells safely to exorcise restless spirits, bind fae and put down the dead. It is bound in pale green leather and held shut by silver clasps. Only a witch with an innate talent for necromancy can open it.

Abhorsen's Bells
high leveldark spellbooks
A set of bells that hold a fragment of the power of the Seven Bright Shiners. They are, in order from smallest to largest: Ranna, Mosrael, Kibeth, Dyrim, Belgaer, Saraneth, Astarael. The bells can be used to bind or fight a variety of supernatural creatures, including ghosts, fae, vampires and dead creatures raised by necromancers.

Necromancer's Bells
high leveldark spellbooks
A set of bells that hold a fragment of the power of the Seven Bright Shiners. They are, in order from smallest to largest: Ranna, Mosrael, Kibeth, Dyrim, Belgaer, Saraneth, Astarael. Unlike Abhorsen's Bells, these bells are designed specifically to aid necromancy. They can be used to raise and control corpses, bind ghosts and command fae.

Magic: n/a