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Old Kingdom

OOC permissions
Backtagging: Totally fine.
Threadhopping: If it seems appropriate! If in doubt, please ask.
Offensive subjects: Nothing that immediately springs to mind.

IC information
Species: Fae
Role/Faction: Familiar to the Mother of Witches, Circle Daybreak (level 1).
Strength: 1 (bound) / 3 (unbound)
Magic: 2 (bound) / 7 (unbound)
Friends/Allies: Circle Daybreak, but only because he has to.
Enemies: He will work against whoever his master tells him to. He's typically averse to other fae (it's complicated), vampires, ghosts especially of the hostile variety, and the undead. He thinks werewolves are basically smelly dogs, please go away.
Relationship status: N/A. He doesn't do relationships.
Notable physical characteristics: He's a cat! Most of the time. He seems exactly like an ordinary cat, up until the point he opens his mouth and starts talking. He wears a red leather collar with a small bell attached. The collar is in fact a magical object that ensures he remains a loyal servant of the witches.
Notable magical characteristics: In his bound form he barely gives off any magical vibe at all. His magical powers are fairly minor. It's only when you touch his collar that you may get a sense of just how powerful the binding spell holding him is and therefore that the creature it contains is also one of great power. In his unbound form, he radiates magic like a nuclear reactor.
Offensive subjects: The fact that he has been a servant for two millennia is something of a sore subject, though he's resigned to it by now.
Warnings: Don't take off his collar. Only members of Circle Daybreak can do it, but he's highly likely to kill you if you do.

IC permissions
General physical violence: He's not one for fighting, but if you're mean enough to hurt a cat then by all means.
Injuring this character: Minor injuries are fine. Let's talk it out for anything serious.
Torturing this character: Let's talk first.
Killing this character: Not an easy thing to do, but I'd plan out his exit if I wanted to kill him.
Mental/emotional torment: Sure. Although he's such an anti-social grump it's difficult to make him care.
Physical intimacy: No.
Romance: No.
Using magic on this character: Absolutely, he's vulnerable to the usual fae-binding tricks.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: It would be difficult to get past the binding spell that contains his true self, so let's discuss first.
Using mind control on this character: Again, the binding spell is so powerful that it would be difficult to sway him in any other direction, but you could try feeding him catnip.

Notes/Other: Mogget is not his true name, nor will he reveal his true name in his bound form. He has an inordinate fondness for fish. Feeding him fish is the best possible way to start an unlikely friendship.